The swiss army knife for web scraping.

Weapons-grade data crawling services.

Impossibly fast

Our network is capable of crawling thousands of pages per second, ensuring that even the biggest scraping projects are completed quickly.

JS enabled

Need to gather data from Javascript heavy websites? no problem, JS support can be easily switched on and off on a per crawl basis.

No more blocks

Are you getting blocked during your data gathering? our stealthBot crawler utilises over 10,000 clean, dedicated IPs in rotation.

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+ Self-service

For developers only. Using our powerful and easy JSON extraction templates, you can setup and manage data collection via either our API or user-friendly online dashboard.

Drop-in SDKs for: PHP, Python, Node.js and Ruby

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+ Fully managed

The data you need, whenever you need it; 100% hands off and managed fully by us. We can deliver your data via dedicated API, file download or even direct database access.

Need post-processing? we have that covered too.

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Competitor IQ

Know everything about your rivals: monitor LinkedIn for new employees, Google results for mentions and Twitter for customer communications.


Receive daily updates to competitor product pricing strategies, view trends and spot product changes (new, discontinued, out-of-stock and more).


Scrape stock tickers and watch major news outlets plus social media to build a picture of public opinion and make better investment decisions.


Gather a constant stream of news articles from major publications, extract headlines and monitor for important keywords.

Search results

Scraping and parsing search engines likes Google is a difficult job. Let us take care of the hard work and deliver processed daily results.

... and many more.

If the data exists out on the web then we can crawl and extract it. Talk to one of our sales staff today.

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Be as specific as you need, we're used to creating custom solutions. Whether you want a simple CSV download or dedicated JSON API, our data delivery options are both extensive and extensible. We currently offer:

  •   FTP/SFTP upload
  •   AWS S3
  •   MySQL
  •   PostgreSQL
  •   AWS Redshift
  •   AWS DynamoDB
  •   Google BigQuery
  •   Google Bigtable
  •   MongoDB
  •   RethinkDB
  •   Redis
  •   Elasticsearch
  •   InfluxDB
  •   OpenTSDB
  • ... and more. is a trading style of Hyperion Six Ltd. Registered in England, 08271288. VAT no. GB 249 0093 08